Why Practicing Grace + Gratefulness Is Key

We love being ambitious and wanting to use our influence to make an impact in our community. But sometimes our brilliance can become a burden, and we start to beat ourselves up for not being where we think we should be. That’s where grace and gratefulness needs to come in. 

We all have a unique journey, but often it looks different from what we expect. We have to trust the process and remember that it’s all coming together the way it’s supposed to.

Mindset matters, and as we prepare to wrap up 2018, we encourage you to be intentional about practicing grace and gratefulness for where you are in life.

Here’s how you can do that:

  1. Check yourself and your thoughts

Negative self talk can be detrimental to your journey. Sometimes we think that we aren’t good enough or we’re falling short in some ways. In those moments, we have to stop and analyze where these thoughts are coming from — likely it’s the enemy planting these seeds in our minds.

If your thoughts make you feel bad about yourself, channel that negative energy into a positive outcome. For instance, we often feel like we’re not managing our time well. Instead of believing the lies that the enemy tries to tell us, we’ve become more intentional about our time. While it’s a small start, monitoring the time we spend on social media has helped us become better and change how we speak to ourselves.

  1. Give yourself grace and know that you’re enough

We are sufficient just as we are. It’s ok if you stumble or make mistakes. Give yourself grace while finding opportunities to improve. Growth is the goal, but don’t beat yourself up for not having it all together. Everyday you’re becoming more brilliant, and evolving into the person that God created you to be.

  1. Find light in the darkness

Being planted is a challenge, but we have to appreciate the beauty in our struggles. Reflect on how great the light will be if you had to go through the darkness. Remember that what’s to come is greater than our current circumstances!

How are you being patient with your journey and embracing this season in your life?